Monday, March 16, 2009

Stuff that smells like vanilla

Vanilla smells yummy and comforting. It’s quite a popular scent for beauty products. To name just a few:

Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream 60ml $45 – Smells amazingly yummy. Contains shea butter

Tui Vanilla Lip Balme $6.50 12g – With certified organic New Zealand beeswax

Ecostore Vanilla Soap 80g $2.50 – Affordable, lasts a while, and smells good.


Patty said...

Ohhhh...I love ecostore products...I just bought the handwash for the bathrooms...will keep a look out for this here in Sydney. Thanks!

Jules said...

Hi Patty. Yes, Ecostore is great, it's so affordable, but really good quality too!