Friday, March 13, 2009

Products for itchy skin

Whether you’ve been bitten by a pesky insect, you have eczema or psoriasis, or you’re itchy for any other’s annoying! It’s hard not to scratch, but you know you shouldn’t! Fortunately, there are products which can help with itchy skin.

For something to put on that itchy skin to soothe it, try Botanica Scratchy and Itchy Gel (no, not the same as the TV program on The Simpsons...that’s Itchy and Scratchy), $17.50 for 75ml, Artemis Itch Calm Cream Extra Strength, $16.50 for 30ml, and $49.70 for 100ml, or The Herb Farm Echinacea Cream, $13.60 for 30ml, $22.70 for 60ml, and $34.40 for 120ml.

To calm your skin in the shower, try Lush Dreamwash, $27.50 for 250g.

To heal itchy skin from the inside out, take 1ml (30 drops) Artemis Itch Calm Tincture 3 – 4 times daily ($26.20 for 50ml, and $44.40 for 100ml).


Capribythelake said...

Seems like a great product! I love when I can find anything natural and beneficial to help with my skin. It is a difficult task with all the terrible product ingredients out there! A great article on things to do to help with itchy skin can be found here:

Jules said...

Hi there

Thanks for reading The Mean Green Beauty Machine! I like your blog! The article about itchy skin looks good! Yes, it's definitely good to have some natural alternatives!