Thursday, September 4, 2008

Natio Pure Mineral Makeup

A while ago, I posted about Natio Mineral Radiance. Natio has just released another mineral makeup line, Pure Mineral Makeup, which consists of:

Mineral Loose Foundation in Beach Sand, Desert Sand, and Sunset $23
Mineral Blusher in Sweet Petal $16
Mineral Sparkle Dust Eyeshadow Compact (shades are Pink, Aubergine, Copper, and White) $18
Mineral Pressed Powder Bronzer in Sunswept $23 (the same bronzer is also part of the Natio Mineral Radiance range)


Anonymous said...

I love the natio mineral foundation!!!! I found this one better than the maybelline one, which was a little too pink for me!

Jules said...

Hi, thanks for reading The Mean Green Beauty Machine. I haven't tried the Maybelline or the Natio mineral makeup, but I really like The Body Shop one.

Anonymous said...

I just recently bought the Natio Mineral Foundation and I really like it so far. I havent tried Maybelline Foundation though but either way i certainly recommend the Natio Mineral Foundation because it is suitable for sensitive skin types.