Monday, May 12, 2008

Natio Mineral Radiance

Australian beauty brand Natio has a new makeup range called Mineral Radiance. While not all of Natio's products are natural, this range is; Natio's website describes it as:

"Ultrafine mineral make-up to nurture and brighten skin tone. A luminous colour palette. Pure enough to sleep in."

The range consists of a bronzer ($23), a blusher ($15), and four shades of eye shimmers ($15 each).
Natio products can be bought at Farmers stores and some pharmacies. There are also little brocheres about the Mineral Radiance range which list all the ingredients.

I haven't purchased any of the products in this range yet, but I tried the blusher at Farmers a couple of weeks ago. Although it's shimmery, it still looked quite subtle when I put it on my cheeks. I'm intending to buy it and at least one of the eye shimmers, so expect another post on Mineral Radiance at some point.

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