Thursday, May 29, 2008

Green products for guys

There's probably no reason why guys can't use the same skincare products as women do. But there's a quite a big range of man-specific natural skincare products available, so if guys want something that smells and looks a bit more manly, they have a lot of choices. So if you're sick of your male significant other/relative/flatmate/friend using your skincare products (or if you're a guy who happens to be reading this), here are some suggestions.

Living Nature has a men's range, which consists of:
Eye Gel for Men $36
Soothing Moisturiser $34
Soothing Shaving Cream $34
Soothing Aftershave Gel $34
Gentle Cleansing Shaving Gel $34
Skin Essentials - For Men $55 (travel-sized pack containing 50ml Gentle Cleansing Shaving Gel, 50ml Soothing Plant Moisturiser, and 50ml Soothing Aftershave Gel)

Skinfood makes products which are unisex, including a shaving gel. Skinfood products are not as natural as those made by brands such as Living Nature, but they are free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, and artificial colours and fragrances. Skinfood products can be bought at Foodtown, Woolworths, New World and Countdown supermarkets. Their products are:

Cleans All (cleanser) $9.95
Light Moisturiser $9.95
Nourishing moisturiser $9.95
SPF 15+ Moisturiser $9.95
Mud Masque $9.95
Shave Gel $9.95
Exfoliating Scrub $9.95
Body Butter $12.95

Aveda has quite a few men's products, but I don't think they're all available in New Zealand. There is only one Aveda concept spa in New Zealand (Bodyscape Beauty Therapy Day Spa) in central Wellington), and I believe they're the only shop in the country which sells Aveda products. They can deliver Aveda products to anywhere in New Zealand though - check out their website: Men's products listed on their website are:

Aveda Men Shampoo Body Bar $27
Aveda Men Shave Cream $41
Aveda Men After-Shave Balm $41
Aveda Men Purefume™ Tonic $129

The Herb Farm makes a Men's Moisturiser - $13.80 for 30ml, $22.20 for 60ml, $33.00 for 120ml. They also include Active Natural Deodorant ($10.20), Lime Shower Gel ($13.80), and Patchouli & Orange Soap ($7.80) as being part of their men's range, although these are not man-specific product (like, they don't say 'for men' on them, so I guess they're unisex).

Weleda has a Moisture Cream for Men ($15.90), Shaving Cream ($10.90), and Aftershave Balm ($25.90).

If you're after something that's reasonably low-priced but still pretty natural, you could try one of Primal Earth's Organic Shave Gels. They cost $9.99 each, and are available at New World, Woolworths, Foodtown and Countdown Supermarkets. Primal Earth was developed buy a Kiwi guy who had trouble with allergic reactions. The products do not contain: sodium lauryl sulphates, parabens, formaldehydes, genetically modified ingredients, synthetic fillers, ethoxolated ingredients, mineral oils, PEGs, petroleum or phalates. The shave gels are available in Menthol Cool, Aloe Hydrate, and Extra Sensitive.

Another low-priced option for shaving is Avalon Organics Moisturizing Cream Shave ($14), available in Aloe Unscented, Lavender, and Peppermint.

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