Monday, May 26, 2008


I've read a lot of reviews (mostly on MakeupAlley, and some elsewhere on the internet) of various natural deodorants. Quite a lot of these reviews have not been all that great; it seems a lot of people are having trouble finding a natural deodorant that works.

I haven't had any problems with natural deodorants working. However, this may be because I apply deodorant several times throughout the day. Sometimes it's because I need to, other times it's before I work out, and sometimes I just get slightly paranoid about getting sweaty. Because I do tend to sweat a lot. Sorry if that's TMI.

I'm currently using Lavender Creek Farm Deodorant. This comes in either roll-on or solid. I have the solid. It costs around $9.80. I've seen the roll-on in Homestead Health, but not the solid (my Mum bought mine for me from the Lavender Creek Farm in Te Horo), but you can buy it online at their website

I have The Herb Farm Fresh Natural Deodorant in my bag at all times for top-ups. This is a roll-on deodorant, it costs $10.20, and you can buy it at Nature Unplugged or Commonsense Organics. It does have a slightly strange smell, but I don't notice this at all when I'm wearing it. The Herb Farm also makes Active Natural Deodorant, which has a more unisex scent. Another roll-on I like is Miessense Aroma free Deodourant ($11.95). It also smells slightly strange (maybe it's the sodium bicarbonate?), but again, not noticable when I'm wearing it. As well as the Arome Free, Miessense also has Ancient Spice and Tahitian Breeze deodorants.
I've never tried crystal deodorants, but if you like them or want to try them, you could go for The Body Crystal Stick ($17.95), sold at Hardy's stores, or Deonat Deodorant Stick, $4.90 from Life Pharmacy stores.
There are also a range of deodorant sprays out there, such as Sukin Deodorant ($12), and Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant ($22.40).
For something completely different, you could try one of Lush's powder deodorants, such as Mr T Deodorant Powder ($11.90), or one of their new deodorant bars like Teo ($12.50, but it's not available until August).

I'd like to try one of the Alba Botanica Clear Enzyme Deodorants at some point, because I find solid deodorants work well for me. But most of the reviews I've read for it on MakeupAlley aren't very positive. Has anyone out there tried this deodorant? If so, what did you think?
Anyway, some other options:
Roll-on: Dr Hauschka Deodorant Floral Roll-On $32, Dr Hauschka Deodorant Roll-On Fresh $32, Avalon Organics Theraputic Deodorant $12.95 (available in Lavender, Lemon, Wild Yam, Rosemary, and Peppermint)
Solid: Nature's Gate Organics Deodorant Stick $11.95 (available in Chamomile & Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass & Clary Sage, Lavender & Aloe, and Tea Tree & Blue Cypress), Lush Aromacreme $14.50 for 100g
Spray: Natural Instinct Natural Deodorant $12, Weleda Sage Deodorant $19.60
Powder: Lush The Greeench $14.50, Lush Coconut $11.90

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