Monday, May 19, 2008

Lip balms

I have extremely dry lips. From about the age of nine I would get a crack in the middle of my bottom lip every winter. So it's essential that I have a really good moisturising lip balm on me at all times. I've tried a lot of natural lip balms, but my favourite is Weleda Everon Lip Salve, $11 from Commonsense Organics, Hardy's, Health 2000, Homestead Health and some pharmacies. It's amazing for healing and preventing dry, cracked lips.

I also like Living Nature Lip Balm ($15), and Miessense Jaffa Lip Balm ($11.95), which tastes really yummy. Miessense products can be bought at Conmmonsense Organics, Hardy's and Homestead Health. I haven't seen the lip balm in any of these stores lately though, so if you'd like to try it, you can order it from the Miessense web site:
If you don't mind spending a bit more money, you could try Dr Hauschka Lip Care Stick, $19.00. I have used this before, but I prefer the Weleda one, because it works just as well, and is a lot more affordable. Dr Hauschka also makes a lip balm in a pot, $23. Dr Hauschka products are sold at Hardy's, Health 2000, Homestead Health, Nature Unplugged, Commonsense Organics and Farmers.

If you're wanting a vegan lip balm, you could try A'kin Sweet Blossom and Jojoba Pure Essential Lip Balm, $9.50. I didn't find this moisturising enough, but as I said, my lips are extremely dry. For someone with lips that aren't as dry as mine, this would probably work fine.
Some other options:
$10 and under: Viola Organics Lip Balm $6 (available in Unscented, Calendula and Mint Fresh), Apicare Revive Me Beeswax Lip Balm $6.90, The Herb Farm Lip Balm $9.00 (available in Vanilla & Orange, and Calendula & Lavender)
$20 and under: Evolu Healing Lip Treatment Balm $16, Trilogy Intensive Lip Treatment $17

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