Friday, May 29, 2009

Organic cotton balls, buds, and rounds

If you want to use organic cotton when it comes to your beauty routine, there are some nice products to choose from. Try Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Balls (100 for $9.90), Buds (200 for $9.90), or rounds (100 for $9.90). The cotton used in these products is also fair trade. They can be bought at Commonsense Organics stores, or online at

Or you could go for The Body Shop Organically Grown Cotton Cosmetic Buds (100 for $6), and Organic Cotton Rounds (100 for $9). I have the Body Shop Buds and Rounds. The Buds come in a recyclable cardboard box, and they have paper stems, so are pretty good for the environment. They are also specially shaped – one end is pointed, the other flat, to help with makeup application. The Rounds come in a biodegradable plastic bag, and each one has a different texture on each side – one side is ideal for makeup removal, the other best suited to removing nail polish.

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carlosmessi said...

Let's save our world girls. I know you are using makeups everyday, use green products and you will make a difference together. Be pretty while protecting your environment. Thank you.

CEO of Shop Carefully