Thursday, April 30, 2009

Product reviews: Honoré des Prés perfumes

The people from Luckyscent, a cool fragrance website, sent me samples from a new perfume range called Honoré des Prés. Honoré des Prés is a French brand, and the perfumes are 100% organic. There are five perfumes in the collection – all are EDT, and USD$145 for 100ml, in glass bottles. Or you can buy 7ml samples for $3, or you can buy a sample set for USD$30, which contains 1.5ml spray bottles of each perfume. They can be bought at Here are the reviews.

Bonte’s Bloom

Notes: Sunflowers, flower grass from the South of India, wild Moroccan blue chamomile, fresh citrus leaves from Paraguay, sage leaves, white orris butter.
Verdict: This is a very pretty floral scent, and not too overpowering. Very nice!

Chaman’s Party

Notes: Vetiver root from Haiti, sacred basil from Egypt, wood of life from Venezuela, dried clove flowers from Madagascar
Verdict: It’s a very spicy scent. It didn’t really suit me so well, but if you are into more spicy scents, this would be great.

Honore’s Trip

Notes: Pure tangerine extract, Mediterranean oranges, yellow and green lemons, pepper, pimento, resins.
Verdict: Very citrusy and fresh. I really like citrus scents, so I love this! It smells good enough to eat.

Nu Green

Notes: Mint leaves, grass, Indian botanical musk, medicinal tarragon and cedar wood.
Verdict: This is gorgeous! This one and Honore’s Trip are my favourites, because I like perfumes that smell really fresh, and this one definitely does. It’s very...zesty!

Sexy Angelic

Notes: Fresh almond, hemlock flowers, angelica seeds, freshly baked calisson accord.
Verdict: Nice and floral. The scent of almond is quite strong to begin with, but it fades as the fragrance settles, and then it smells more generally floral. Nice!

It was great to be able to try these perfumes, so thank you to the people at LuckyScent! I think that Honoré des Prés is a great eco-friendly brand with some really beautiful scents.


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They sell phthalate-free fragrances with only essential oils and organic alcohol. They smell wonderful and have been blogged about by Sara Snow and Paige Padgett.

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