Saturday, April 25, 2009

Products for new mums

I know a lot of women who have recently given birth, or are just about to, and it’s all very exciting! I don’t speak from personal experience here (I don’t have kids), but having a baby has a major effect on your body (obviously). Luckily, there are a number of great products specifically designed to help with the after effects of childbirth.

Earth Mama Angel Baby has a number of products to soothe post-birth soreness. Try Earth Mama Bottom Balm, $25.50 for 60ml, Earth Mama New Mama Bottom Spray, $24.50 for 120ml, and Earth Mama Postpartum Bath Herbs, $16.50 for 112g. If you have had a Caesarean birth, try the Earth Mama C-Mama Healing Salve, $55 for 30ml.

If you want to use more eco-friendly maternity pads, try Natracare New Mother Maternity Pads, $14.60 for a box of 10. They are free from chlorine, plastic, latex, and perfume, and are biodegradable.

For tired legs, rub on some Living Nature ‘Kekemama Soothing Leg Gel, $30 for 100ml. To soothe tired feet, try Egg Essential Care Cooling Foot Rub, $23.90 for 175ml. Or use a foot soak like Earth Mama Angel Baby Earth Mama Happy Feet, $13.50 for 140gm. For aching muscles, get someone to give you a massage with Egg Essential Care Bath & Body Oil, $27.90 for 175ml, or add it to a warm bath.

To help fade stretch marks, try an anti-stretch mark product like: This Works Stretch Mark Oil, $108 for 120ml; Egg Essential Care Belly Butter, $19.90 for 100gm, or Earth Mama Angel Baby Earth Mama Stretch Oil, $41 for 129ml. There are some more suggestions for anti-stretch mark products on the post about products for pregnant women.

To help reduce the swelling associated with breastfeeding, try Earth Mama Angel Baby Earth Mama Booby Tubes, $39.50. Booby Tubes are a gel-free breast pack made with a 100% organic cotton shell and filled with all-natural flaxseed. They can be used warm or cold, heated or frozen. To support healthy milk production, drink Earth Mama Angel Baby Earth Mama Milkmaid Tea, $22.95 for 112g of loose tea leaves, or Weleda Nursing Tea, $18.50 for 40g (20 teabags).

For sore, cracked nipples, use a nipple cream like Earth Mama Angel Baby Earth Mama Nipple Butter, $24.50 for 60ml, Living Nature ‘Kekemama Nipple Ease Balm, $17.50 for 12ml, Weleda Nipple Care Cream, $11 for 10ml, or Mahu Nipple Cream, $8.95 for 50ml, and $16.95 for 100ml.

I know I’ve mentioned Earth Mama Angel Baby a lot in this post – they have such a great range of products! They also have a range of products for women who have lost a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth. I’m not sure if this range is available in New Zealand, but check it out here.

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