Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So Hot Right Now: Mineral Makeup

A lot of not-particularly-natural beauty brands are bringing out mineral makeup. Some of these I wouldn't try, (because of some of them have parabens in them, which is something I try to avoid, and one brand that I won't name tests on animals which I ALWAYS avoid), but I am quite keen to try Bloom's mineral makeup.

Bloom has Pure Mineral Powder Foundation in Light, Medium, and Dark, Pure Mineral Radiant Touch Bronzer in Sunkissed, and Pure Mineral Radiant Touch Blush in Rosie. They can be bought at Kirkaldie & Stains. The foundation is $45, and the blush and bronzer are $40 each. So not that cheap, but a lot cheaper than Bare Escentuals - their foundation costs $70 at Hardy's, and $75 at Nature Unplugged. I have tried Bare Escentuals before, but I bought a small size for $25, and even though I liked it, I don't think I'd buy it at full price, because it's pretty expensive.
Miessense also has mineral makeup - $39.95 for Mineral Foundation Powder, which comes in Fair, Medium, Tanned, and Dark. They also have Mineral Blush Powder in Desert Rose Silk, Desert Rose Satin, Apricot Dew Silk, Apricot Dew Satin, Ginger Blossom Silk, and Ginger Blossom Satin. The 'Silk' shades are matte, and the 'Satin' shades are shimmery. Unfortunately I haven't seen any Miessense makeup in any stores for quite a while, but you can order it from
Jane Iredale also has quite a few mineral makeup products. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the prices for them in New Zealand Dollars, but for stockists in New Zealand, go to
I mentioned Natio Mineral Radiance in a previous post, but I haven't yet tried it. I'd really like to try the blusher, but it seems that a lot of other people would too, because it's sold out at the three different Farmers stores that I've looked for it in! The eyeshadows are still in stock though, maybe I should try one (or more) of those before they sell out. Hopefully the blusher will be available again soon.
If you aren't too concerned about parabens, you could try Physicians Formula Mineral Wear. I saw the Pressed Powder (34.95), Loose Powder (29.95), and Foundation (can't remember the price, sorry, and I can't find it online). The range does have a lot of other products in it as well, but I'm not sure if they're all available in New Zealand. There is also an Organic Wear line, but I don't think that's available over here. If it ever is, I'd be keen to try it. Check out the Physicians Formula website: for more information. By the way, I think the girl who's pictured on the page about Mineral Wear looks like a younger version of Bree from Desperate Housewives. Just putting that out there.

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