Monday, February 2, 2009

Massage products

If you like to massage people (or be massaged), there are a lot good massage products available. Lush has a wide range of massage bars, including Amazonian, $19.90 for 200g, Each Peach (And Two’s a Pear), $17.90 for 65g, and Therapy, $17.90 for 65g.

Tui Balmes have a range of ten massage waxes, including Lavender, Unscented, and Herbal Lift. They are $5.85 for 50g, 8.21 for 100g, $20.25 for 300g, and $27 for 500g.

If you prefer massage oils, try Living Nature Body Form Oil, $25 for 100ml, or Tranquillity Body Oil, $25 for 100ml.


Anonymous said...

lush is not all-natural, and not at all eco-friendly! just so you know. they lie on their website, and also in person, about their products being scientifically proven safe. they use sulfates and other preservatives that are really bad for your body and for the earth. if there's anything on a label that sounds weird, doesn't sound natural, or is hard to pronounce, then it's bad for you. i promise!

Jules said...

Hi Adina

Thanks for reading The Mean Green Beauty Machine, and for the info on Lush. I do know that a lot of their products use sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, artificial colours, and other not so great stuff (and I wouldn't use those products). However, some of their products like the massage bars I mentioned, and their henna hair colours do not use artificial bad that all of their products can't be like that!

By the way, I like your blog!