Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top ten products of 2008

Well, it’s the last day of 2008, and it has been quite a year. The Beijing Olympics, the USA electing their first black president, New Zealand returning to a National Government, just to name a few interesting events...but anyway, back to beauty stuff. I have tried a lot of great natural and organic beauty products this year. This list details the ten best products which I tried for the first time this year...and it was difficult to name just ten, because there were so many great products I tried! They are in no particular order.

Dr Hauschka Volume Mascara – It’s a great mascara! I have it in the black shade, it is very volumising, and defines lashes nicely. $45.

Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant – A very fine grain facial scrub, good for getting rid of dead skin cells. $40 for 75ml.

Sukin Hydrating Body Lotion – affordable, effective, and smells great. $15 for 250ml, and $22 for 500ml.

UV Natural Sunscreen SPF 30+ - High SPF, non-drying, but also does not clog pores. $36 for 200g.
Ecostore Body Wash – Comes in a big bottle, smells good (three scents to choose from), it’s a great price, and it lasts for sooo long! - $8.99 for 400ml.

The Body Shop Nature’s Minerals Foundation – Nice and mattifying, gives good coverage. I have it in 01, the lightest shade. $45 for 5g.

Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructer – A great hair moisturising mask, good for a weekly treatment. $22.50 for 200g.

Ecostore Baby Nappy Balm – great for dry heels, cuticles, and for baby’s bum, (obviously) though I haven’t used it for that! $8.99 for 60ml

Evolu Purifying Mask – Great for a weekly treatment, and you only need to leave it on for five to ten minutes. Smells good too. $35 for 75ml.

Weleda Iris Moisture Cream - Nice and moisturising, but not greasy. $23.50 for 30ml.

Hope you all have a great new year! I’ll be back in 2009 with more product reviews, product info, ingredient spotlights, information on new products, and more.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll have to check out the Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant! I tried John Masters Jojoba and Ginseng Exfoliating Cleanser but it didn't seem to do anything.

Jules said...

Yes, the Trilogy exfoliant is good, it works well, but it's very gentle.

Anonymous said...

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Jules said...

Hi Charles

Thanks for reading The Mean Green Beauty Machine. I like your website! I did a post on aftershave products a while back - http://themeangreenbeautymachine.blogspot.com/2009/01/after-shave-products.html