Friday, December 26, 2008


I hope you all had a great Christmas! I did, but I'm really tired now, which means I have dark shadows under my eyes. Concealers are great for covering these shadows, as well as covering up pimples, redness, and scars. I like Couleur Caramel Corrective Cream, $31.30 for 3.5g, available in five shades, which I have in shade 02. I have also tried Living Nature Concealer, $32 for 7ml, and availabe in three shades, (I have it in Medium) but it gave me pimples, so perhaps would be better for someone with dry skin. The Couleur Caramel concealer has quite a dry finish to it, so probably wouldn't be so great for those with dry skin. Miessesnse Concealer, $26.90 for 5g, and available in four shades, is also good, but I haven't seen it anywhere in ages.

Some other options:

$40 and under: Dr Hauschka Concealer 2.5ml $37, available in three shades, Dr Hauschka Pure Care Cover Stick 2g $39, available in two shades

$60 and under: Aveda Inner Light™ Concealer 7g $59, available in six shades

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