Monday, July 28, 2008

Tinted lip balms

Like tinted moisturiser, tinted lip balm gives a bit of colour without being too full-on. A really good, affordable tinted lip balm I like is Alba Botanica Terratints, $8.99 for 4.2g, from Commonsense Organics and Homestead Health. It's available in six shades - Blaze, Bloom, Dawn, Garnet, Sienna, and Sunset, though I have only seen it in Blaze, Bloom and Sienna. I have tried Bloom, a nice shimmery pink, and also Sunlit, a bronze, which has now been discontinued. It has a yummy peppermint smell. It also has an an SPF of 8, although the ones I've seen say 18 - maybe it's been reformulated and the new ones haven't reached New Zealand yet? Anyway, while this gives the lips a really good amount of colour, I don't find it all that moisturising, so I put it on over another lip balm.
Aveda Lip Tint SPF 15, however, moisturises the lips really well, I've found. It's $27 for 4.25g, and comes in eight shades - Apricot, Copper, Coco Plum, Berry, Frosted Tulipa, Spice, Peony, and Verbena. The amount of colour it gives is awesome, as much as you'd get from a sheer lipstick. I used to have it in the peachy shade Apricot, now long used up, and I'd definitely like to try it in other shades. It lasts a really long time on the lips (like a few hours, which I consider to be a long time, at least), and it smells and tastes great.

For a much more subtly tinted balm, you could try Kereru Lipsalve in Geranium - pink, or Natural Rose - pink. Both $4.50 from Commonsense Organics. The balms are coloured with carmine, so vegetarians and vegans may wish to go for another tinted balm instead of this one.

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