Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hand creams

I'm slightly paranoid about hygiene, which leads to a lot of hand washing, which leads to dry hands, which leads to needing a really good moisturising hand cream. I use Sukin Hand & Nail Cream, $12 for 125ml, and it's a really good cream, but have also tried and others, like A'kin Lavender, Geranium & Jojoba Hand, Nail Creme 75ml $15.20, and Natural Instinct Hand Cream 125ml $12. A'kin also makes Unscented Intensive Hand, Nail & Cuticle, also 75ml and $15.20.

I used to use Ecostore Baby Moisturiser (125ml, $13.95) as a hand cream, and found it works well. I also really like House of Herbs Organic Hand Repair Cream with Vanilla 120ml. It smells amazing, and it has an awesome, mousse-like texture. I got when I was on holiday in Sydney last year, and unfortunately, I don't think there are any shops over here which sell it. However, you can buy it online from their website, It's $22.75 in Australian dollars.

Some other options:

$20 and under: Organic Surge Hand Lotion 250ml $16.90 (available in Citus Mint, Lavender Geranium, and Orange Blossom), Apicare Therapy Handcreme 125g $18.90, Aveda Hand Relief 40ml $20

$25 and under: Evolu Nourishing Hand and Cuticle 125ml $23, Duchy Originals Hand Moisturiser 250ml $24.90 (available in Rose & Mandarin, Bergamot & Lime, and Lavender)
$30 and under: Tebe Hand Moisturising Cream 75ml $25.80, Trilogy Rose Hand Cream 100ml $27

$35 and under: Dr Hauschka Hand Cream 50ml $30.35, Antipodes Deliverance Kowhai Flower Hand Cream 75ml $31.50

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