Friday, November 5, 2010

Peppermint magazine

I've been on the hunt for an eco fashion/beauty magazine that comes from my part of the world, and have not been successful - until now! I recently discovered Peppermint, an Australian eco fashion/beauty/lifestyle magazine. It is published quarterly, and can be bought at Borders, Magnetix, Starfish stores, and for $11.95 (it costs a bit more at Starfish, $12.25 I think).

The current issue is focusing on cruelty-free fashion, and has an in-depth article about the fur industry, plus loads of other cool features, including info about various resuable water bottles, instructions on how to pretty up plain tank tops using doilies, and an article on palm oil. I think it's an awesome magazine, and I'll buying it every season from now on.

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