Saturday, November 7, 2009

Karen Murrell range

A new brand has popped up at Farmers recently – Karen Murrell. I’m not sure if this is the same Karen Murrell who founded the Skinfood brand (there is an Auckland address on the bottom of the product boxes, so it’s therefore a New Zealand brand, and could well be the same Karen), but the products look pretty good. They are:

Nature’s Essense Body Scrub 200ml $45
Pure Honesty Cleansing Gel 100ml $34
Absolute Luxury Moisturiser 50ml $45
True Miracle Moisture Balm 50ml $39
Aqua River Face Cream for Men 50ml $36
Moisture Stick Lip Balm $24.99
Lipstick in four shades $24.99

All the products are 99.5% natural, and have EcoCert certification and environmentally friendly packaging. Nice!


karen murrell said...

I am delighted that you like my new range! I have loved every minute of creating my new skincare and makeup range. Yes I created Skinfood in 2002 and this is my new labor of love.

It has taken 18 months of solid work to complete the brand with Ecocert and Organic Food Chain Certification.

Enjoy my products, I have loved every minute of formulating each one!!

Karen Murrellx

Jules said...

Hi Karen

Thanks for reading The Mean Green Beauty Machine. I like Skinfood, and it's pretty cool that your new line is certified by Ecocert and the Organic Food Chain.



Anonymous said...

Hello Jules,
Do you have a delivery address I could send you samples?
If you email me to

Looking forward to keeping you updated with new products!!