Saturday, June 20, 2009

Surviving Swine Flu

I am trying not to freak out too much about the global pandemic of swine flu, but being a paranoid germaphobic hypochondriac, this is not easy. I’m actually reasonably calm about it - if it was bird flu I would be in major freak – out mode, but since swine flu seems a lot less serious (as in less people are dying from it, but obviously it still is serious in the sense that it’s highly contagious, etc), I figure there’s less to worry about.

However, having the flu (whether swine flu or regular flu) is never fun. It tends to make you feel completely crap, (which I realise is a terrible pun, because sometimes ‘the runs’ is a symptom of the flu, and has been in a lot of cases of swine flu) but there are a number of products around which can help ease some of the symptoms.

Keruru Cold Balm, $6 for 30ml, and $10 for 60ml - Rub it on your chest to help with congestion.

The Herb Farm Headache Away Cream, $7.80 for 15ml, $13.60 for 60ml, and $22.70 for 60ml – Massage into the temples to help with headaches.

Egg Essential Care Sniff Box 8gm $17.90 – Intended to ease pregnancy-related nausea, but could probably be used to ease flu-related nausea too.

Also, to minimize the spread of infection, make sure that you keep your hands clean – check out the post on hand washes and hand sanitisers.

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